Hefty Power Bank Price: For What It’s Worth

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power bankI certainly do not intend to say that power bank is not a useful product; also there is no harm in paying power bank price for what it’s worth. However, as a Smartphone user who is tired of own a device which is always low on battery, I would still advice against the use of very high capacity power banks. Paying heft power bank price for extremely powerful power banks takes away one important feature of the power banks, Portability.

We buy power bank because it is a portable source of power that can charge the phone while we are away from a power source. So to buy a power bank that is so heavy that you cannot even carry it around with you seems like a useless preposition unless of course you really need a high capacity power bank that should last you 3-4 days.

For an average Smartphone user, an average capacity power bank is more than enough. To me, buying power bank with capacity 10000mah makes more sense, because the power bank is both powerful and portable. Considering your phone’s battery to be 1500-2000mah, the power bank will easily be able to charge your phone 3.5 times or may be more, depending on the conversion rate and the battery health of your Smartphone.

power bnaksA power bank 10000mah would cost you 2000-3000; there are brands that even offer it for meek amount. However, do not be fooled by the low price. I, once got a power bank from a brand, not mentioning the name, since there is no purpose of dragging any brand’s name and I must day the performance was nothing compared to what I expected of it. The power bank had a battery capacity of 10000mah but it would only charge my phone 1-2 times which was disappointing, since my phone’s battery is 1750mah, so it should have alteast be able to charge my phone 3-4 times, but it did not. The catch here is that I bought it for mere Rs 1000. Now, if I look back to the day I made the purchase, I considered price to be a primary factor, whereas the quality of the product should have been my major concern. A low quality power bank would not only sustain for short time but it can also affect the battery health of your phone.

It is important to understand that if you buy power bank at a price that sounds too good to be true, the seller is probably tricking you because such low cost would not even justify the high power and the circuit cost that goes into building a power bank.

Make sure that you buy a power bank with good capacity at a moderate price. To be extremely sure of making the right purchase, you can look for power bank price online and compare the reviews of different power banks.


Stethoscope for Medical Students and Doctors

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littmann stethoscope

What is a Stethoscope?



Stethoscope is a health device which is designed for listening internal sounds of a body. This device is mainly used by doctors to listen to the acoustic sounds of either a human body or an animal. Whether you’re a doctor or a medical student this stethoscope is the perfect device that you can use. If you’re thinking that one must be highly qualified to use this device then no, it’s not that hard, it may be difficult for a normal person who doesn’t have enough medical knowledge but doctors and medical students can easily use this device.

If you’re a medical student

A medical student may need a stethoscope while studying. It will be a good help for students if they use it while preparing for their academic projects or if you’re a biology student then this device is must for you. For a medical student this equipment is very useful. If you’re considering a stethoscope for yourself then you should know that stethoscope basically has 3 parts which are chest piece, earpiece and tubing. Earpiece should perfectly fit into your ear; the tube should range from 20 to 28 inches and the chest piece has different diameters.

Used by Doctors and Nurse

This device is used majorly by doctors and nurses. When you go to your doctor for common cough or fever, what medical device does he use to study your body, the answer is littmann stethoscope. Whether it’s a doctor or a nurse, they use this stethoscope to listen to the acoustic sounds of patient’s body to identify the problem.

What things you need to look for in a stethoscope

littmann stethoscope

littmann stethoscope

Choosing the right stethoscope isn’t that hard but there are few pointers that you should keep in mind so that you don’t end up wasting your money on something that isn’t even worth of your money. If you’re a medical student then you can go for a decent priced stethoscope but make sure it is a branded one. Leave those smart purchase tactics for some other products, make sure that the stethoscope you are choosing is of right quality and length, and do not negotiate quality with looks. Paying little extra is not a waste of money it the product is worth of it. Most of the time students pick the looks over quality but no instead go for the quality. Look for the earpieces of the stethoscope; it may vary in hardness or size.

If you’re a doctor then it is highly recommended that you choose an effective stethoscope that has the capacity to pick up even the most inaudible sounds in the body. Go for littmann stethoscope, it can amplify both high and low frequency with clarity. This device is lightweight allowing you to easily carry it on your shoulder. Many doctors have complained that their stethoscope is little bit long or short in length, consider the length of the tube it must not be too long or short.

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5 Things to Look For in Selfie Sticks

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selfie stick

Selfie-StickTimes magazine declared selfie sticks to be one of the best gadget for the year 2014 and this wondrous sticks have truly lived up to their reputation. Selfie sticks are not just a mobile accessory; they are a gadget in themselves. Selfie sticks are quite a rage, not just amongst the teenagers but with people from all walks of life. The selfie sticks come with a lot many connectivity options. Also, the portability factor associated with selfie sticks makes them all the more useful.

Selfie sticks come with connectivity options like Bluetooth connectivity, remote control connectivity, AUX cable connectivity and the likes. The most popular is selfie stick that comes with Bluetooth connectivity, since they are the easiest to use.

If you want to buy selfie stick, there are several factors you should look into; here are the top five factors that must look into when buying selfie stick:

  1. Quality

The quality or the build of the selfie stick is extremely important. The quality of the selfie stick shall determine its functionality, its durability and its life. Also, since you are going to mount your phone on the selfie stick, it is important that you buy selfie stick with good quality; else you will only be putting your phone at risk.

  1. Portability

How portable is selfie stick, do look into the portability of the selfie stick that you want to buy. If the selfie stick is not portable, if it is bulky and tough to carry around, then it won’t serve the purpose.

  1. Mount adjustability

The adjustability of the mount is an important aspect of the selfie stick. The mount should be adjustable, there are selfie sticks that come with a mount that is adjustable to a great degree, and then there are mounts that can rotate to as much as 360 degrees, which makes it all the more useful.

  1. Price

Whenever you buy anything, price is of course important. Spending thousands on a selfie sticks, may not be something that will appeal to a lot of buyers. You can get good quality selfie sticks for a couple of hundred. However, depending on the connectivity option available with a selfie stick, the price may go up.

  1. Length of the selfie pole

The length of the selfie pole shall determine that how wide angle shots can you get in the selfie. It is advisable to look for selfie a stick that comes with selfie stick that have a pole that is extendable to a few inches at least.

Selfie sticks are as popular as selfie. With the rage for selfie being as predominant as ever, it is only going to increase the popularity of selfie sticks.

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector V/S Plastic Screen Guards

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iphone tempered glass screen protector

iphone tempered glass screen protector

Screen of your smartphone is the most valubale part. The touch screen smartphones especially have screen as the most important part. It is only wise to protect the screen from any damage because if the screen is damaged, there would be nothing left to the phone. Tempered glass screen protector is an accessory that can help you protect the phone screen from impact of drop/scratches and other such damages.

The tempered glass screen guard can be useful to your in more ways than one, here are top ways in which tempered glass screen protector protects the screen:

The tempered glass screen protectors can withstand a lot of heat. Normal glass, on being subjected to too much of heat shows thermal expansion. However, since the tempered glass is toughed to be four times stronger than normal glass, it remains intact and does not undergo thermal expansion.

Earlier, people used to buy plastic screen guards, however, plastic screen guards can go through thermal expansion and because of the expansion, they begin to peel off the screen. The plastic screen guard are useful too but they are not as durable and as protective as glass screen guard.

It is quite easy to apply a glass screen guard, because the glass is firm and the chances of air gaps and bubbles is less. On the contrary, it is difficult to keep the plastic screen guard stable and at place during the application. Also, the tempered glass screen protectors do not need to be cut, they come in a size and cut specific to phone shape, hence the application process if fairly easy.

Tempered Glass Screen Guard

Glass Screen Protector

The problem of smudging occurs in plastic screen guard, however, in glass screen guards, the problem is not as existent. The tempered glass screen guard also offers better protection than plastic screen guards. The tempered glass screen guard is shock absorbent and can withstand pressure. If the impact is strong enough to cause damage, the tempered glass gets broken, not the screen.

Tempered glass screen protector is also scratch free, the tempered glass screen guard’s properties change post thermal and/or chemical process. The changes properties make the glass scratch resistant to a great degree. Even if your phone is accidently rubbed against a metal object, the scratches will appear on the tempered glass screen guard and not the screen of the phone.

The tempered glass screen protector is not all that expensive, there is a price difference between the plastic guard and the toughened glass guard but the tempered glass is certainly worth the extra cost. The disadvantage with the tempered glass screen protector is that it is usually shaped before being toughened. A tempered glass screen protector has to be custom fit for your phone, while the plastic ones can be cut and reshaped to fit the surface of your phone.